The AI Collective is a global hub founded on the idea of creating a unique space for industry leaders to share their insights and innovative ideas around artificial intelligence. The forum was brought together by a group of MIT graduates that want to know first hand what technologies are truly disrupting our society during the digital age. Similar to a "think tank", members of the collective can directly communicate to each other about projects they are developing, lead webinar discussions and plan to meet with members in person at hosted meetings. 


Ideas generated by the tech gurus and AI experts in The AI Collective serve as the foundation for the type of value enriched information promoted throughout the site. Members can share their career expertise and personal insight about artificial intelligence and the impact it will have during the technology revolution. The AI Collective's project team creates in-house custom materials based on the value-added insights from members in the forum. For the public, The AI Collective is a cohesive and interactive site filled with credible thought leader insights about AI expanding throughout the world. By subscribing to The AI Collective anyone will have the opportunity to stay up-to-date on the forum's latest activity. 


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