A Global Hub For Artificial Intelligence

For humans, trust is the firm belief in the reliability and truth of someone or something. People are reluctant to believe in the reliability and truth of AI. (see article)

Artificial Intelligence - a collection of multiple technologies that enable machines to sense, analyze, respond, and even learn on their own.             (see article) 

The potential for artificial intelligence in agriculture has been growing exponentially as the technology for this industry continuously advances.

(see article)

The goal of the AI Collective is to create a global forum for those specialized in artificial intelligence and advanced technology to contribute thought provoking ideas that will drive positive impact in business. Monthly webinars, chat rooms, and featured article insights will be created to promote those ideas.


The forum is not exclusive to technology experts. In fact, we encourage ideas from those that are experienced in their role and from any industry that can utilize advanced technology like artificial intelligence. This organization will serve as a knowledge hub or "think tank" for anyone seeking to gather more knowledge on artificial intelligence and the powerful impact it is creating in the workforce and our society today. 


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